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“One Nation, Under”

Super-duper bigger
than even a circus

elephant very tall-
er than would a tree pine;

farthermore reaching than
a snaking-river’s strike,

God’s tarantuala hands
are climbing up and up

and up the string holding
most: Earth is a balloon



The Sun with Blood

what have Rivers
to do with Mountains?

and what the Sun
with Blood?

(the Scientist taps
a Pencil,

the Hiker steps
in Mud.)

Love, Most Tender

Love’s shadow’s death; impossible, superfluous without death. Love, most tender, most vulnerable.

The Carpenter (Or, Formal Anxiety)


Nail the word down!

Nail the world down!

Bang, bang, bang!

Hammer it down!


Five penny nail, Bang!

Five penny nail, Bang!

Five penny nail . . . a dime!


(Build a floor;

Frame a door;

Chuck both: key and time!)


Slam! Bang, bang!

Slam! Bang, bang!

Slam! Bang, bang! BANG!

The Fall

In the Morning

My wife


Tucks an apple

In my bag and

Plucks a kiss

From my cheek;


Leaves fall and

Its The Fall

And I leave


My Eve


The Empty Can

school’s out and

an open mind

is an empty



(joey hops

the chain link fence,

lands and kicks

a coors

can across

an open base-

ball field,


his hands

in his pockets,

his hope and his shoes



walk home, joey.

it must be

getting dark soon and you are Sun-

burned and dusty.

The Protest Ant

I Am

(in the X


The Protest

-ant climbing the mountain

whereon No

bush buring

That I Am