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Speaking with Ghosts

To the extent that we do not listen to him or her with whom we would speak, we speak with a fiction, a phantom, a ghost.


Love, Most Tender

Love’s shadow’s death; impossible, superfluous without death. Love, most tender, most vulnerable.

Freedom Follows Yet Does Not Follow

That not all that follows follows necessarily, yet that some that follows follows necessarily: this mix implies our freedom, provided that we learn to distinguish the two, and found our freedom on the stout stuff of necessity.

The Objects of Mortality

Objects, had they no bearing on our mortality, would be no objects at all. All we see is touches our mortality. All implies finitude.

On Libertarianism

Every right implies the opposite. There is no freedom without limitation. The freedom of speech implies that others haven’t the right to censor.

Libertarianism tends to be too corpuscular, too egocentric, to not recognize that every individual is inextricably bound to others.

There is no ‘I’ except there be a “you,” a “she,” a “he,” or a “they.” This recognition leads to a philosophy which looks carefully at the “we,” and thinks carefully of how we might maximize freedom for all.

The Question of Life

We every day answer the question of life with who we are, with how we live, with every deliberate choice.

The Metaphoric Precedes The Literal

The metaphorical entails the literal, but not vice versa.